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Cattle grazing on pasture

Our Products

All of the meat products for sale in our farm store come only from animals raised on our family farm in Orange, CT. We raise our animals using sustainable and humane production practices. We believe that sustainable farming means doing more with less. This means that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible to ensure that future generations can continue to farm the same land. We believe that proven farming practices have their place alongside modern techniques and technology, and therefore both are necessary on farms of the future. In order to humanely raise livestock their basic needs must be met. Good quality feed, clean water, shelter, fresh air and room to be themselves are essential. We also believe that when problems do arise they need to be addressed. While prevention is the first and preferred method to deal with illness, sometimes that is not enough. Antibiotics and hormones are never used by the farm to promote growth but they are used if an animal falls ill. We will never make an animal suffer just so that we can use the latest "buzzword" on our label. Medications are only used when necessary and always under the direction of a veterinarian. Withdrawal times are followed to ensure there is never any residue in the meat. We believe this is the most humane way to raise animals, while providing a healthy and safe product to our customers.

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