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Dark Wood Panels


Our pork comes from pigs raised on our farm in a bright modern barn. Their pen is cleaned and fresh sawdust is added daily to ensure the pigs live in an environment that allows them to thrive. A separate bedding area gives the pigs a place to rest as well as root around and exhibit their natural behavior. We use hay as bedding during cooler times of the year to provide warmth, and sand during the summer so they can keep themselves cool. We have a curtain on the outside wall of the building that can be rolled up or down in seconds. This allows a refreshing breeze to blow through the barn on a sunny summer day while making sure the pigs are protected from rain or a cold winter wind.

Once the pork is harvested, the meat is cut, cryo-vac wrapped and frozen to ensure a safe and high quality product. Our pork is available for retail sale throughout the year in our farm store. Please see below for a list of all the pork products we offer.

    * We do not sell whole roasting pigs * 

pork cuts

Product List

Ground & Sausage

Ground Pork 
Sweet Italian Sausage 
Breakfast Sausage 
Hot Italia
n Sausage 
Chorizo Sausage 
Kielbasa (fresh & smoked)


Boston Butt


Loin Chops 
Smoked Bacon 
Pork Belly 
Spare Ribs 
Back Fat
Leaf Lard

* Also offering pork ears and organ meat including heart, kidney and tongue

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