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Dark Wood Panels


The chicken we offer comes from birds raised on our farm in small flocks. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and coops that are equipped to keep our birds healthy, active and comfortable in their environment. When the birds are young, and during colder times of the year, propane brooders provide warmth without creating unnatural light.  Fresh wood shaving bedding provides a soft, dry place to lay or scratch. Large windows allow abundant sunshine and a gentle breeze to fill the coop. During the summer heat, thermostatically controlled fans ensure the chickens stay cool no matter how hot it gets.

After harvest, the chicken is cut, cryo-vac wrapped and frozen to ensure a safe and high quality product. Our chicken is available for retail sale throughout the year in our farm store. Please see below for a list of all the chicken products we offer.

*We do not sell live chickens*

Chicken drumsticks

Product List

Whole Chicken

Half Chicken

Boneless Breast

Bone-In Breast

Boneless Thighs

Bone-in Thighs



Backs (for soup stock)

* Also offering chicken feet and organ meat including heart, liver and gizzard *

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