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Dark Wood Panels


The turkeys we raise have become a Thanksgiving tradition for many families in our community. Day old turkey poults arrive on our farm in the middle of the summer. The days are warm that time of year but the young birds still need heat from the brooders, especially at night. Their wood shaving bedding makes the perfect place to scratch around or bask in the abundant sunshine that streams in through the windows. As the turkeys get older and no longer need the heat and protection the brooder provides, they are moved into larger barns to give them even more room to roam around. Barn curtains on the outside walls can be rolled up or down in seconds to allow a crisp autumn breeze to blow gently through or protect the birds from a cold November rain.            

 When Thanksgiving draws near, the majority of the turkeys are harvested right on the farm and sold fresh. Our fresh turkeys are available by pre-order only and get picked up just days before the holiday. In order to provide some of our customers the small turkeys they are looking for, a limited number of birds are harvested early and offered for sale frozen in early November. Please see our Thanksgiving Turkey FAQ listed below for more information. 

fresh turkey packaged
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