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Beef / Chicken / Pork / Turkey / Eggs


Our piglets are purchased from other Connecticut farms and arrive after they have been weaned at approximately 6 weeks old. They are raised in a modern, open pen barn which provides abundant sunshine and adequate ventilation.  Our pigs are fed locally sourced grain, milled right here in Connecticut. 

Our pork is cut, wrapped and frozen in individual packages labeled with the name of the cut as well as the weight. 

Our pork is available for retail sale throughout the year in our farm store. A variety of cuts are available including sausage, chops, spare ribs, roasts, fresh ham, smoked ham, kielbasa and bacon. 


Product List

Breakfast Sausage Bulk $8.75
Breakfast Sausage Links $9.75
Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk $8.75
Sweet Italian Sausage Links $9.75
Hot Sausage Links $9.75
Ground Pork $8.75
Loin Chops $11.50
Boston Roast $9.50
Loin Roast $11.50
Spare Ribs $10.50
Country Style Ribs $7.50
Blade Steaks $9.50
Smoked Bacon $14.00
Smoked Kielbasa $12.00
Fresh Kielbasa $9.75
Bratwurst $9.75
Pork Belly (whole and sliced) $10.00
Back Fat $3.00
Leaf Lard $4.00

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